The Hoopers
Alicia.... Madison.... Tony.... Olivia.... Avery....
Alicia and I were married in 1996. We both are from Northeast,
Mississippi. Alicia is an awesome wife and mother, but she's got
many surprises beyond her domestic skills. She has an angelic
singing voice, has great pitch and hears parts about as good as
anyone. We recorded a prayer and meditation Cd called

In a nut shell, I was raised in a ministers home. Church was our life and
I started playing around on guitar at age 7 and writing songs at 12. I was
part of a Rock Christian Band called "Heart and Soul" in high school
and that pretty much launched a life of ministry. There's a collage of
Heart and Soul photos below, brace yourself for the mullets.

In 1988, I met Lindell Cooley in Red Bay, Al. At the time I was playing in a
secular rock band called "Radio Tokyo" of Muscle Shoals, Al. Lindell had me
play at his church one Sunday and the rest is history. We became very good
friends and his father, Pastor Gene Cooley, put me on staff and let me stay in the
basement of the church, where I lived for 7 years. After Lindell moved on, I
became the music pastor of Calvary Temple. There, I did two recordings:
Shepherd's Field,"
and "Month of Sunday's." The song, "One God" off the
"Month of Sundays" release made it into the Country Christian charts and it's just
interesting that the recording was originally released by the title,
"Tony Hooper
and the Mississippi Mudcats."

The music has carried us all around the world. One missions trip with Christian
Rocker, Rick Cua, produced a life-long friend and mentor. Rick, graciously let
me join the band and I'm still traveling about with him today. We've recorded
many Cd's together:
"Like a Cool Drink", "Won't Fade Away","Blues
Counsel",and "Live at the Ramp with Phil Keaggy" are just a few.
Peace Music, our publishing company, was born sometime during all this and
thanks to Rick Cua, Emi Christian Music Group bought over 300 of my songs
and signed me as a writer for almost 3 years. Mentoring others and being
mentored is what it's all about.

In 1997, we moved to Winfield, Al., where we served as music ministers with
Pastors Harry and Sandra Saylor at Faith Fellowship Church. We recorded two
projects there: "
737," and a live one called "Run with the Horses."  After five
years in Winfield, we helped plant a church in Atlanta, Ga., called "Life

In 2003, we received a call from long time friend Lindell Cooley to come and
assist him at Brownsville Assembly of God. We were at Brownsville for 3
years serving as Music Director of the schools of ministry, BRSM and BMTC,
as well as one of the staff co-pastors. At Brownsville we produced over 20
Cd's and two of our own:
"Worship Rising" and "Purity."

Currently, we are serving a church called Cornerstone in Amory, Ms. We are
also traveling with Michael O'brien and the "Extraordinary Women" event.  
More songs to write, more students to teach, more records, and more ministry,
Praise God!!!
Mom and Dad
Lindell and I in
Madison and Olivia
at the Alabama
Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Heart and Soul Years
Kendall Frazier, Greg Frazier, Bobby Jones, Lee Miller, Anthony Frazier,
Darryl Holden, Rodney Sloan(miss you bro.) and others!
Radio Tokyo Pics
from the mid-80's.